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The Affinitea Tea Brewer is possibly the most significant development in tea service since the invention of the teabag. In a fast-service environment, whether it is a restaurant, take-away café or office canteen, the options for serving tea are limited to low-quality teabags, or one or two prebrewed teas. Not anymore because the Affinitea tea brewer can let you provide a full range of premium tea, brewed to order with no mess from teabags. The higher quality of the product will be readily apparent to your customers so generating much more income from your tea sales.

The patented Affinitea brewer was invented in the USA and is made by a major US manufacturer. It is the only semi-automatic tea brewing system in the world that uses high quality loose-leaf teas and can brew a consistent, high quality beverage, hot or iced in 30 to 40 seconds.

Tea Concepts is the Asia-Pacific distributor for Affinitea and can also provide installation advice, training, maintenance and after-sales support.

Now is the time to treat your customers to handcrafted tea drinks made to order. Contact Tea Concepts to see how valuable this could be to your business.

Real tea lattes, chai lattes and made to order iced teas are possible with the Affinitea Tea Brewer.

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